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Mitsubishi’s Consumable Products Group (CPG) stocks and delivers top grade OEM consumables for EDM, Laser, Waterjet and Roku-Roku machining centers – all designed for maximum performance on the machines you own. We offer the most competitive pricing across an extensive inventory of consumables and service that’s unrivaled in the industry. Our dedicated inside sales technicians can tell you the optimal products for your equipment. They know from experience, and from extensive testing conducted during product development. Our products are guaranteed to perform on the machines you own because they were developed on them.

OEM Quality Means Maximum Productivity

CPG Waterjet Consumables

Waterjet Focus Tubes

Focus Tubes

The focus tube in the Waterjet Cutting System accelerates the abrasive particles used for cutting. Rely on original OEM consumables for optimum performance and dependability of your Water Jet.


Waterrjet Abrasive Garnet

Abrasive Garnet

Mixed in the chamber with water and pushed at 60,000 PSI through the focus tube is the abrasive garnet. CPG has a variety of garnet grit sizes available.


Waterjet Mixing Chambers

Mixing Chambers

The mixing chambers have integrated natural diamond that makes for quick and easy maintenance.


Waterjet Table Grates

Replacement Table Grates

Welded carbon heavy-duty steel grating is the most popular choice where high-strength is the primary grating requirement. The main bars are slotted and assembled with cross bars, which are fillet-welded at every joint.


Waterjet Filtration


Water filtration is key to a smooth running, well-maintained machine. CPG has teamed with a leader in the filtration industry to keep your water clean.



We carry an extensive inventory of waterjet consumables. Call or email for current pricing, or submit a quote request using our contact form.

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