Innovate Technologies Is Proud To Represent AKS Cutting Systems

AKS Cutting Systems manufacturers CNC Plasma Cutting Machines and Flame Cutting Systems – and now, a new line of Waterjet Cutting Machines.

Advanced Kiffer Systems, Inc. (AKS), a subsidiary of Kiffer Industries, is a Cleveland based company that has been at the forefront of high-quality machine tool production for over 90 years. Our headquarters and manufacturing facility is located adjacent to the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

AKS has been actively involved in the sheet metal and plate metal cutting equipment for over 25 years. You may already be familiar with the AKS brand of cutting systems having seen advertisements in prominent industry trade magazines. Perhaps you have visited the AKS booth at a national or regional industry trade show.

All AKS Cutting Systems plasma cutters are proudly manufactured in Cleveland, Ohio. Throughout the years, AKS has developed a strong reputation for durability, accuracy and reliability with thousands of users worldwide. AKS has long-standing OEM distribution relationships with Hypertherm a leading producer of mechanized plasma units and producer of CNC nesting software.

AKS fully supports each products it sells. Each machine comes complete with customer technical support via a toll free telephone number. In addition, a qualified team of Cleveland based technicians travel worldwide to customer locations for machine installations, operator training, and service work. AKS maintains a comprehensive inventory of spare parts and plasma cutter consumables enabling responsiveness to customer’s routine and unforeseen needs.

AKS Waterjet & Plasma Cutting MAchines

AKS Plasma Cutting Machines

Accu-Kut Plasma Cutting System

AKS Accu-Kut Plasma Cutting Machine

The Accu-Kut combines the best in plasma cutting machine technology with over 90 years of superior machine building experience.

  • Cutting widths from 6′ to 10′ and up to 48′ in length
  • Able to run beveling, tube cutting, and oxy-fuel systems
  • Cut up to 8″ thick plate
  • Fully machined frame decreases stack up errors
  • Built in remote support for offsite live trouble shooting

Tru-Kut Plasma Cutting System

AKS Tru-Kut Plasma Cutting Machine

The Tru-Kut plasma cutting system is our small floor print design, built to the same durability standards as our other systems. With a fully welded frame constructed out of 1/2” plate. This system is ideal for smaller shops without sacrificing quality.

  • Fully welded frame endures durability
  • Offered as a water table or air down draft
  • Can handle both plasma and oxy-fuel cutting

Dura-Kut Plasma and Oxy-Fuel Cutting System

AKS Dura-Kut Plasma Cutting Machine

The AKS dura-kut Gantry Plasma Cutter is a precision CNC machine with rail widths and lengths to fit your large-scale cutting needs. We build it to your needs, to your specifications, to fit into the floor space available in your shop.

  • Cutting width from 8′ to 22′
  • Able to support beveling, tube cutting, and oxyfuel systems
  • Up to 8 torches on one system
  • Virtual limitless length
  • Free standing or bridge mounted consoles are available

Robo-Kut Beveling System

AKS Robo-Kut Bevel Cutting Head

Robo-Kut is a very rigid and precise Robotic Device that is machined from solid aluminum billet. It is capable of +/- 45 degree bevel cutting plus the ability to compensate for the natural “Kerf Angle” in Plasma cuts. This feature enables better straight cuts and superior contour beveling cuts in A, V, and K cuts with lands. The unique capability of cutting “bolt ready” ½” diameter holes in 1” thick carbon steel plate.

  • Solid design machined from 3 solid aluminum blocks
  • Capable of +/- 45 degree beveling
  • “Kerf Angle” compensation allows burning of .5″ hole in 1″ plate
  • No torch wind up allows continuous looping

Accu-Kut Tube Cutting System

AKS Accu-Kut Tube Cutting System

  • 2’ x 10′, 12′, 22’ and 24′ processing area
  • 2” – 8” rectangular, square or 10” round  O.D. up to 24′ long tube processing dimensions
  • Servo controlled rotational tail stock with manual clamping system
  • Servo controlled torch height control
  • Servo controlled miter axis with +/- 45 degrees tilt range – requires AKS robo-kut bevel head
  • Software Programming Software Module – Requires Hypertherm ProNest 2015 software
  • Qty (2) Square and round tube supports included
  • Option: Additional Tube Supports available

Fiber-Kut Laser

Fiber-Kut Fiber Laser Cutting System

The most recent addition to the AKS product line is a fiber laser cutting platform. Offered in both a 5×10 and 4×4 model. With up to a 3Kw laser, the system can cut up to 3/4″ material.

AKS Waterjet Cutting Machines

Model X4

AKS Waterjet Model X4

  • 90,000 psi KMT Pump
  • Bridge frame gantry design, robust construction, easy access
  • Ballscrew driven, 3 axis, 40mm ball screws, with auto lube, protected by dual sealed bellows.
  • Accuracy of +/- .001″ Over 3 Feet
  • One of the market’s fastest waterjets, with 787 ipm max positioning speed

Model X3

AKS Waterjet Model X3

  • 60,000 psi KMT Pump
  • Huge, robust cantilever construction
  • Precision rack & pinion x movement
  • Accuracy of +/- .001″ Over 3 Feet
  • One of the market’s fastest waterjets, with 787 ipm max positioning speed